Our Services

Our services include aftersales services, efficient delivery systems and maintenance to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Apart for products and solution, we also we provide our customers with on job training, factory training and specific training.

Data Monitoring and Analysis

Our solutions are designed to provide you with objective tools that can be used to monitor and assess performance and foster continuous improvement of your systems. They help you identify steady processes, opportunities for improvement, effects of improvement efforts, and potential problems that may seriously impact operations and/or performance.

• Power Quality
• Substation Energy Monitoring

Solar Projects Engineering and Installation

Our solar services entail residential, commercial power and power plant solutions. We value your investment in renewable energy and your aspirations to reduce carbon foot print. Our services are engineered by taking into account your energy needs and provide you with solutions at par with international standards.

Engineering and installation works of solar projects for:
• Commercial Buildings
• Industrial facilities
• Utilities
• IPP projects

Energy management

Energy cannot be saved or managed without knowing where and how the energy is being used. Our energy management solutions help you identify your energy requirements and consumption patterns and thereby empower you to take necessary actions to ensure sustainable use of energy. We recommend and help you recognize stages of your energy-saving efforts and monitor ongoing progress.

• Load Management
• Facility Energy Management
• Load Research

Testing and Commissioning

We offer high quality and efficient testing and commissioning of protective relays of electrical substations. Our services include testing and commissioning of protective relays from all major manufacturers such as ABB, Siemens, GE MICOM, GE Multilin, Schneider, SEL, etc. We offer highly experienced testing engineers along with internationally acclaimed test equipment.

Testing and Commissioning :
•of protective relays from all major manufacturers for substations and powerplants.
• of fiber optic systems and solutions

Other services

We feel privileged to help you maximize the benefits from our products and solutions. Our services entail complete technical support, education and training to help you make efficient and effective use of our products and solutions.

• Fiber optic cabling, splicing and testing
• Project Management
• Education and Training
• Technical Services